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Filipino FriendFinder


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Many historians believe that the Philippines was colonized in the Paleolithic, when an Asian people crossed by wooden boats the way that leads to the region. More recent findings seem to indicate that the islands may have been inhabited since the Pleistocene era.
The first great migratory movement came to this region through the South. It is believed that these immigrants were of Indonesian-Caucasian, having a degree of civilization more advanced than the native tribes. Later there were two more large migration flows. Each new chain successively drove the original inhabitants to seek land to the north.

The following migratory, whose heyday was in the fourteenth century, the kingdom Madjapahit came and brought the Muslim religion.
Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese navigator in the service of the King of Spain, discovered the islands in the sixteenth century, introducing them to Christianity.
The Spaniards established their capital in Manila from 1571, guaranteeing its field for more than three hundred years.
The Philippine national hero, linguist, writer, artist, doctor and scientist Jose Rizal started a reform movement. At the same time, a secret society called the Katipunan led by Andres Bonifacio, the revolution began, giving the Spaniards the excuse they needed to run Rizal, who was in exile in Dapitan, Mindanao (south). He was brought to Manila for trial and sentenced to death, although no proof of their participation in the revolt.
His death, however, further stimulated this revolution, leading the General Emilio Aguinaldo to declare on 12 June 1898 the country's independence and proclaimed the first Republic of the Philippines.
That same year, the United States acquired the Philippines through the Treaty of Paris, bringing the country to be dominated for 48 years. After a war for independence that lasted about three years, there was another for the same reason that lasted about four years.
However, the Philippines fought alongside the American flag against Japan in World War II. The heroic battle of Bataan helped to prevent the advance of Japanese troops towards Australia. After a brief stint as an American protectorate, the United States in 1946 tried to change the day of independence for the Philippines on July 4, Independence Day of USA. The Americans wanted to believe that the Filipinos that the United States had given the Philippine independence, but the story has not changed. The Philippines had already mobilized their independence before the Americans arrived in the country and so the Americans had their version of independence with force.Filipinos now celebrate their independence day on June 12.
The Philippines had its first automated elections on last May 10, 2010.

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