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sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds: "Every year we make the annual trek out to Brentwood (no, not that Brentwood), but the Brentwood on the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area (California) that is home to lot of agri-tourism, including the U-Pick Cherry Orchards. From around Memorial Day weekend through the mid to the end of June is cherry season. These orchards are extremely popular with folks who come over from the Oakland and San Jose areas to pick. Cherry picking makes a great family activity and you often see all ages in the orchards helping out.

We started going about 10 years ago and have been returning every year to Seko Ranch. They have some of the oldest and biggest cherry trees in Brentwood – (ladders are provided). We might also add, that when fully ripe these are some of the most amazing cherries you will ever taste. We’ve also visited Pease Ranch – different varieties, much younger/shorter trees – as a result a longer picking season. Also flavorful but not very sweet berries for U-pick are available here."

Need a place to grab a traditional American breakfast, lunch or dinner for a very reasonable price – try the Brentwood Cafe. History it seems, has passed restaurants like these. We never eat at fast food places but its so much easier and more common to pop into boring places like McDonalds or Burger King than a one-of-a kind restaurant like the Brentwood Cafe where locals eat and people know each other.
Harvest 4 U is the non profit organization that promotes agri-tourism in the Brentwood area as well as produces an annual updated Farm Trails map – check their site for the picking dates, farms and general fruit information:www.harvest4u.com

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